Kimberly and Nhan’s Mango Hill Farm Elopement

Kimberly and Nhan's Mango Hill Farm Elopement

Kimberly and Nhan’s Mango Hill Farm Elopement   Nhan – Away from you there is no music, there is no sunlight, the world is grey. Away from you the clocks are frozen, and times a traveller who’s lost his way. I’m half alive until the moment the door swings open and you walk through; now … Read more

Tipi Festival Wedding

Tipi Festival Wedding   Hear the whispers inside Chanting from long ago Echoes come and go Losing time in a soft eternal glow A beautiful and delicate autumn mountain scene Dry blue eyes enchanting melodies Voices falling from the sky Kristie & Mitch’s wedding was a bohemian dream. Set under a sprawling tree on the … Read more

Love in the Mountains

Love in the Mountains “Hush. On the edge of the woods I do not hear words which you call human; but I hear words which are newer, spoken by droplets and leaves far away. Listen. Rain falls from scattered clouds. Dancing among the pine trees, scaly and bristling, rain falls on the myrtles, Divine, rain … Read more