Katie + Kris an epic day

Katie and Kris an epic day   Kris – Katie, I still remember the night we met, your beautiful sex eyes staring me down from behind the bar, even through the crowd I could see you biting your bottom lip murmuring under your breath I wouldn’t mind a piece of that… In all seriousness I … Read more

Kimberly and Nhan’s Mango Hill Farm Elopement

Kimberly and Nhan's Mango Hill Farm Elopement

Kimberly and Nhan’s Mango Hill Farm Elopement   Nhan – Away from you there is no music, there is no sunlight, the world is grey. Away from you the clocks are frozen, and times a traveller who’s lost his way. I’m half alive until the moment the door swings open and you walk through; now … Read more

Tegan and Nicks Pottsville wedding

Tegan and Nicks Pottsville wedding Tegan and Nick got ready together in Tegan’s parents house in Pottsville, they then went on to have their portrait session before the ceremony. It was relaxed and stress free. I love a couple who isn’t afraid to do things their way. Tegan went for a drive the day before … Read more

Love in the Mountains

Love in the Mountains “Hush. On the edge of the woods I do not hear words which you call human; but I hear words which are newer, spoken by droplets and leaves far away. Listen. Rain falls from scattered clouds. Dancing among the pine trees, scaly and bristling, rain falls on the myrtles, Divine, rain … Read more

Zoie and the Rainforest

Zoie and the Rainforest “I tried to discover, in the rumour of forests and waves, words that other men could not hear, and I pricked up my ears to listen to the revelation of their harmony” – Gustave Flaubert, November. Why not come on an adventure? Walk down a leafy path into a fragrant rainforest.

Shaun and Chantels Winter Elopement

Shaun and Chantels Winter Elopement   Elope, run away and say I do! I love photographing these special affairs, just you, your love and your closest family. There is an extra level of intimacy about these moments. Maybe it’s because you feel you can really let go and fall into your emotions without having the spotlight on … Read more