Katie + Kris an epic day

Katie and Kris an epic day


Kris Katie, I still remember the night we met, your beautiful sex eyes staring me down from behind the bar, even through the crowd I could see you biting your bottom lip murmuring under your breath I wouldn’t mind a piece of that… In all seriousness I am so happy you gave my drunk ass your number that night. You really were stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend and I couldn’t wait to see you again at Oxford 152. Sure enough the following weekend there I was creepily staring you down all night, waiting for you to finish your shift. Like the gentleman I am, I walked you home that night, you invited me in and let’s just say the rest is history as Granny Lynch is here today. We definitely had some hiccups along the way in our relationship but as soon as we sorted a few issues out our relationship blossomed like no one could believe. We morphed into each others fantasy characters, I become the sexy, tattooed, bearded beast and you became the tattooed, shaved side head, irresistible bombshell. After the morphing our baby making skills came into the scene and boy did we make babies, popping out three of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in under three years. I don’t really believe in the whole “soul mate saying” but I really do think we were meant to be together. I am so glad you ended up working at my favourite pub in Brisbane and watching you mature from the young lady I met at the 152 into the absolute most beautiful woman inside and out I have ever known has been so rewarding. As you stand here in front of me and my heart beats out of my chest I really am so happy this day has arrived.

Katie – Six and a half years ago when I served you that vodka red bull at Oxford 152 i didn’t think much of you, but ten or so drinks later your cheeky charm and sexy swagger had won me over. We exchanged numbers on a coaster which was possibly the best thing I could have ever done. You wasted no time and had left me 5 missed calls at 4am that night, informing me that you were waiting for me in the car park. Any other girl probably would have called the cops but I like to live life on the edge. You returned the following weekend and proceeded to get drunk again after I seduced you with free drinks and my good looks. You were such a gentlemen and offered to walk me home, I was ladylike enough to invite you in 😉 . It wasn’t until our first real date that Monday that I realised there was something special about you, you were different. We sat at the bar and ordered spaghetti and a beer, we talked about our families and how much in common we had. After a month of dating I took you home to meet Granny and you got the tick of approval with flying colours. That night lying in bed I mustered up the courage to tell you something I had been holding off saying for fear of looking like a creep. I hesitantly said those three scary words and you responded with exactly what I needed to hear “I love you too”. After a year and a half together my whole life and priorities had changed, I knew you were the one and I wanted to have lots of your babies. Within three years we had three beautiful little girls and were engaged. River, Raven & Rogue have opened my heart to more love than I thought was possible.

I’m here today to make the promise to you that I will always love you, every part of you. Even the little annoying parts of you. So rather than reminding you of the things that I love about you, I’ve made a small poem about your flaws entitled 10 Things I hate about you: I hate that when you sleep you always pull the sheets off the bed and that awful memory you have inside your head. I hate it when you leave your dirty socks on the ground and even worse when you’re not around. I hate the way you lie and pretend you’re not asleep when we watch our shows late at night, I hate it when we fight and that no matter what you’re always right! I hate it when you leave your wet towels on the floor and every morning you say goodbye and walk out the door. I hate it when you tickle me even though I laugh and I hate the fact that I’ve turned into a jealous stalker wife. I hate to think where I would be if I had never met you at all, but most I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit. Not even at all.

Photographer – Talitha

Wedding co-ordinator – Hope & Lace wedding planning and events 

Celebrant – Paul Voge Marriage Celebrant 

Ceremony venue – Jugglers Art Space 

Reception Venue – Cupo Creative Space

Tutus – American Blossoms (Etsy)

Flower girls Tutus – Love you Tutu

Hair and Makeup – Dead Gorgeous Hair and Makeup

Stationary – Deidre Lynch Graphic Designer Brisbane

Catering – How We Rolls 

Ceremony furniture Hire – Scarlett’s Loft

Reception furniture hire – A Little Vintage Charm & Freeman’s Party Hire



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