Bridal Boudoir

bridal boudoir

Bridal Boudoir   I wonder if you’ve thought about capturing our moments in small polaroids or quick snap shots the way I sometimes capture my thoughts of you down on stained napkins perfectly creased paper sometimes even on my skin when I think a thought I can’t get away from and it’ll assault me over … Read more

Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay “I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts”. Carl Sandburg. Graffiti, a light filled abandoned building and a lovely girl. I had all the things I needed.

Bathtub Boudoir

Bathtub Boudoir “We wake, if ever at all, to mystery.” – Annie Dillard  Amsterdam, bold red lipstick and a hotel bathtub. I have a fascination with boudoir photography, not the traditional soft focus rolling all over a bed style that often comes to mind when boudoir is mentioned. Something more organic that leaves you feeling … Read more